Summer’s the season to show off a bit skin, as well as to this I roar “Hallelujah!” After what felt like the longest, wettest, dreariest winter as well as spring in this century so far, I’m beyond prepared to lastly free myself from my cotton/polyester oppressors. So long, long pants, wool socks as well as turtleneck sweaters. Peace!

Summers in this part of northern California can get quite hot, however before I venture out in a summertime gown or park my posterior poolside in a swimsuit, I like to do a bit of body beauty prep very first (don’t want my hairy sasquatch legs to frighten the community kids, ya know?). For this I turn to body care fundamentals like the fabulous five listed below.


1. A rockin’ razor

Furry woman states what? This vorpal gift to hairy women everywhere hacks away hair like a machete cuts with jungle. The Gillette Venus accept ($12 for a starter set that includes the razor, a shower pod/case as well as two spare cartridges; extra cartridges are offered separately) takes care of the hair on my legs, woman parts, ‘pits as well as toes (don’t front like you don’t understand what I’m speaking about ), as well as it does it with five blades.


You’d believe that perhaps four blades would have been enough, however no. turns out that five is the new four.


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This mighty multi-bladed monster provides this mini-Chewbacca the closest shave of her life. When I utilize it, not only does my skin feel smoother than it does after I utilize other razors, however the Venus shaves so close that I discover I don’t have to shave as often.

2. An easy-to-apply sunscreen

In my capability as Tabs’ assistant/human servant, I have to be offered at a moment’s notice, which means I don’t always have time to spend scrubing in sunscreen from head to toe.

When time is of the essence, especially in summer, I like to have a great water resistant aerosol spray, as well as Banana boat Ultra defense constant Spray sunblock ($10) is my present fave.

Just spritz on arms, legs as well as any type of other subjected parts, massage it in a little, as well as you’re done. It offers broad-spectrum security against UVA/UVB rays as well as is available in three diverse levels of SPF — 30, 50 as well as 85. It’s quick to dry as well as resists water like most cats incredibly well, ya know, just in situation a shirtless Ryan Reynolds stops by to ask if you want to go swimming (I DO!).

3. An exfoliator to buff the rough spots

Now that my knees, elbows as well as heels have come out to play, the rough, scaly business that’s been going on all winter just isn’t gonna fly. Pacifica’s Kona Coffee & Sugar Detox whole Body Scrub ($28) buffs away my scaly skin with a mix of granulated sugar as well as powdered coffee seed. Then, safflower, soybean as well as coconut oils moisturize the dry bits to keep the scales away. Plus, the yummy dark chocolate coffee scent smells great sufficient to eat!

How about a great drugstore option? I believe Burt’s Bees $13 Cranberry & Pomegranate likewise works great.

4. A highlighting cream for arms as well as legs

Who states Vampire Edward is the only one who gets to shimmer in sunlight? When I’m using a gown that shows off my shoulders or legs, I like to reach for a body cream with shimmer, like Pacifica’s line of Coconut Crushed Pearl Body Butters. The Luminizing one adds a silvery shimmer, while the Bronzing one provides a golden glow.

You can snag both, together with a sample size of the Kona Coffee & Sugar Scrub mentioned above, in addition to a lip balm, in the Pacifica Island glow lovely Body set for $24. Or, buy the tubes individually in either a sample size for $7, or a full-size tube for $24.

5. A body laundry to treat/prevent breakouts

Body acne is nowhere near as much fun as eating frozen yogurt or hanging out by the pool, however it occurs to the very best of us. In summer, since I like to wear shirts that show off my back, I on a regular basis shower with a body laundry designed to treat acne.


Neutrogena Body remove Body laundry in Pink Grapefruit ($8) contains naturally-derived grapefruit extract as well as salicylic acid (2%). The tangy grapefruit scent advantages me up in the morning, too.

What are your summer body beauty staples? I bet you have a few.

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